About Us

About Us

Agroinstitut Nitra, state enterprise is almost 50 years deparmently educational institution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak republic. It provides a broad portfolio of services mainly in the area of continuing vocational lifelong education, training and certification of Agricultural advisors, compiles specialized library collection, ensures effective and efficient access to information and information resources through information services and information technology. Portfolio of services is completed by hotel and conference services.

As departmental educational establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak republic provides continuing vocational education and training for workers in the agricultural sector, elaborates departmental concepts and plans of continuing education in specific education programs and modules, carries out educational projects at national and international level. Provides professional training and certification of vocational skills of agricultural advisors, issues a certificates of vocational training, manages the Central Registry of Agricultural Advisors of the Slovak Republic for Agriculture and Forestry, develops and carries on an information system for advisory services.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak republic Agroinstitut Nitra manages two unique departments and that is the National Center AGRIS FAO and FAO Depository Library. Activities of both departments are within the professional and technical chapters Program FAO that Slovakia is comitted to support and develop. This outputs and services are aimed to member countries of FAO, national and international agricultural community, scientific research base of the department, academic institutions, professional unions and associations, consultants, students.

Agroinštitút Nitra also provides the connection of the agriculture sector to the national and international environment through information services and technologies, especially the creation, operation and updating the website of the agriculture sector and specialized state administration: www.land.gov.sk, www.agroporadenstvo.sk, www.agroforum.sk, www.agroportal.sk, Agricultural paying agency, Slovak Agriculture and Food Chamber, The Central Controlling and Testing Institute in Agriculture (ÚKSÚP), www.znackakvality.sk, www.skolskeovocie.sk.

Agroinstitut Nitra cooperates with many organizations in the sector of agriculture and rural development, but also outside the resort. Our long-term partners are the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak republic, Agricultural Paying Agency, research and development centers, universities, secondary vocational schools, professional chambers, unions and associations and European Commission Representation in Slovakia.

Agroinstitut is a member of the Association of Adult Education Institutions Slovak republic European Association of Adult Education, Slovak Agricultural and Food Chamber, Rural Parliament, member of the European network of Europe Direct information centers, a member of the Slovak Library Association and member of the international network of libraries AGLINET and the Association of Hotels and restaurants in Slovakia.

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